Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chapter Four

An Intervention

 Wake up, garden, bathe, eat, sleep. This has become poor Rafe's whole existence.
 But I draw the line at having my working man having to clean his own toilet. He needs a woman to clean home ... I mean to call his own.

 After consulting a close simmer fiend, we both agreed on the perfect spouse for you. She is pretty and poor, both are legacy requirements. (Mine, anyway.)


 The turtle bit him. Suck it up, you'll be alright.

 This is her house but she doesn't seem to be home.

 So using Cesar as an excuse, he creeps out her place until someone comes home.

 What is with you and teenagers. She looks completely smitten!

 Rafe spent some time playing Foosball  with Zac. Socializing with humans, good job, Rafe.

 That girl just hit on you! I didn't think that was possible. Slowly step away from the minor before the po-po come get your butt!

While fixing some quick drinks, the door slammed open. *plays dramatic music*

 Drink up the liquid courage, Boi.

 See what happens when you spend all your time focused on work? All the good ones get boyfriends. But I bet she is willing to give him up for you...

I do believe that look says "Hell to the Yeah!"
 Hot Dog, they have compatible signs. Well, that is enough for now. You should head home and get some rest.

 WHAT?! I don't remember meeting Gracie before. Why are you visiting that sweet woman this time of night?

 Oh, you dog! I just introduced you to your intended. Can't you wait two more days for the wedding?

 Oh, wow. I think she might do these one-nighter's quite frequently.


Strut your stuff!

 Meanwhile, back at home, the real dogs are enjoying some nourishment.

 And Rafe is back to his routine.
 Cesar has taken to hunting gems. Find it, Boy!

 Um, ewwww. A snakeskin?! Disgusting, Cesar. And it's worth nothing.

 Rafe is level 7 gardener, he can now plant those special seeds we found in the woods.

 While waiting in line at Gracie's house, Rafe got a call from Hailey. I think he made plans to meet tomorrow.

 A quick ride on the sissy bike into town to sell the produce he collected today.

 Look how he is staring longingly at the diner. Poor guy. He is always at half hungry or starving all the time.

After that heavy meal, he couldn't keep his eyes open another minute. He crashed in his sleeping bag right next to the store.

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