Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gen 2: Chapter Seven

Cesar died and Julio went out hunting.

But coming across this scene made his choice of prey ...

... obvious!
*I want to note that Hal is the father of Maria's baby and that they are dating again*

Maya indeed is a lousy criminal and got caught. She spent the night in jail!

And missed the return of Sofia.

And the birthday celebrations of the twins!

 *actually they just aged up with no pomp or circumstance*

Miguel is a regular little shitte too.

Julio is making his third shrine of Rafe. * those fricken things keep disappearing from family inventory!!!*

Miguel is spending his youth bonding with his dog. *as all Montoya's do*

And Rafe still favors Mimi with no help from me.

Miguel talks Mimi into going to the community pool with him and Bobby.

Pool fun with the dog.

Shing showed up to watch his niece change into her swimsuit. *The creeper!* 

Hold breath contest.

Miguel wins and rubs it into Mimi's face.

The grocer is the place to be at 9 pm on a Sunday night. Rafe was chatting it up with Maria.

Julio showed up and scared everyone away. *hunting*

His new favorite target. *Notice Rafe is perfectly fine with watching his son drink the blood of his daughter's twice ex-boyfriend*

Julio once again ventures to the graveyard to hang with some friends.

First day of school for the twins and Sofia first day of High School.

Julio found this inside a stone he was trying to chisel. *It costs $500 to buy the darn hunk of stone and that little piece of metal was only worth $325*

The last of Julio's rescues has died. A sad reminder to Rafe of his coming fate.

Julio left the refuge of his lair to chat it up with Mandi *remember the chicka in the dark alley* and contemplate the use of his chiseling tool.

Rafe? Rafe!! NOOOO!

Oh, he had just passed out. He was catching up on sleep before helping Mimi with her homework.

Miguel brought a friend home. Bella just moved to Riverview.

And Sofia headed over to the Goth's to hang with Mortimer. Another new family from Sunset Valley. 

Late night is the best time to work in the garden. Julio is using his handiness to make an auto sprinkler.

Mandi has become the paparazzi. She has taken her obsession with Julio to the next level and tracked him down.

Julio is never one to turn down a free meal.

Maya got pissed! She is to be his one and only and if he can't keep his fangs to himself, he can just go to the devil.

Julio feels awful. He loves Maya but can't seem to fight his need to feed off others. He tries to make it up to her by helping with a few chores.

They spend time in their room talking things out.

She forgives him. *again*

But when he tries to make a move on her, she lets him know his transgression has been forgiven but not forgotten.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gen 2: Chapter Six

Settling In

Julio braved the UV rays to sell Knight for close to 5 thousand.

Rafe took the extra pups to the consignment store to get $900 for them.

And the social worker came and picked up Cinnie and Ghost.

With the extra moolah, I redesigned Miguel's room ...

... added an extra bed and nightstand to the girl's room ...

... expanded the upper level house for a future kick-ass den...

... and finally, I changed Shing's old room into a laundry room. And this is where the butler gets to stay.

Speaking of, Rafe is zooming in on that!

Maya made the decision *with a little help* to send little Sofia to a boarding school.

She hoped it would open up for more time for her and Julio to care for the babies ...

... and to connect as husband and wife.

Miguel and Mimi age up to toddlers.

Shing returns home as a young adult. He has picked up the neat trait and has a lifetime wish of a perfect aquarium.

He immediately calls up his secret lover and plans an outing. After which he brings all his belongings and moves into the two story on the edge of town. 

Sofia leaves for the school of Peace and Love.

Julio spends lots of time with Miguel as Maya returns to work and Rafe returns to

... being Rafe. *He likes to go out and "harass the world"*

Julio is biased in his childcare but Ms Shapiro picks up the slack. And when night falls ...

Julio is drawn out by the moon and his unending thirst.

He waits in the dark ...

... and corners his prey!

Forcing himself to be thought of to guarantee and easy target for next time.

Maya is stuck at home. She makes for a lousy criminal and gets her share of verbal abuse from her leader. But she feels the loneliness of refusing her husband her blood.

The next day, Rafe takes pity on Maya and offers to accompany her to the park with the twins.

The day is full of fun and learning for the twins.

During their excursion, Bobby ages into adulthood.


Julio wakes up and finds the note from Maya. He joins her at the park. He offers to take her to dinner while Rafe brings the twins home.

But due to ... certain things, the impromptu date was canceled. They all returned home.

Maya heads to bed while Julio tucks in little Miguel.

Rafe comes in to inform Julio that maria has made him an uncle!

Maria has given birth to a baby girl named Kimberly.

That night an unexpected visitor arrives.

Despite Rafe's objections, Cesar is taken to that big doggie home in the sky.

With a joyful bark ...

... Cesar is no more.

Cesar Montoya