Friday, October 21, 2011

Chapter One

And so it begins...

Rafe is now the proud owner of the vacant 64 X 64 lot in Appaloosa Plains.

And this is his faithful dog, Cesar (loyal, non-destructive, hunter). Um ... he doesn't bite. Really!

OMG, Rafe! Why are you running? A fire? A burglar? A wild horse?
Well, it does look yummy. *slurp*

The boys are heading into town for the first time.


So freakin' awesome! I want to see that out my window on the way into town!

The only stop is at the grocer, to pick up some seeds (he has the LTW of the Perfect Garden and a green thumb) and such to live on.

Rafe is Eco-friendly, so he made me buy him a bike. Or else he was going to get in a negative mood every time I made him take the taxi.

Now that those seeds are planted, we just wait.

Cesar thinks Rafe needs a job. Rafe thinks Cesar should go find some really expensive gems. But... Rafe has to teach Cesar how to do that first. *dough*

Aww, look at my guys roughing it. Aren't you two so cute? Yes, you are. Oh yes, you are. *ahem* Moving on.

Up with the sun, I see Rafe.

OH, that's why you were up so early. Sorry, not enough simoleans for a bathroom yet.

Nah, I don't think anyone saw you.
After putting on a spare set of even stinkier clothes, Rafe was forced to work in the garden BEFORE being allowed to ride into town...

... on his sissy pink bike. Yes, I could have CAS-ed it but I am so darn lazy.

So Super Stinky-Boy heads off to the swank gym (that has no fridge!!!!) to get cleaned up from his "accident".

*Bah-Ding* All clean again ... for now anyway. So back home ya go.

He's a dog person, so he loves to brush Cesar and just be in his company.

Yep, just a man and his dog.

That evening, a racoon dared to cross Cesar's path.


Fight! Fight! Fight!
And Cesar comes out the winner. (Don't cry, it's not dead, you wimp!)

And while Cesar was off defending his land, Home-boi was roasting an apple. Smooth, Rafe, smooth.
From such a full day, Rafe promptly fell asleep in his sleeping bag. That was after his nightly battle with the chicken, of course.

Legacy Writer's night time wanderings: 

He was waiting for the signal.

This, my friends, is why I don't drive at night.

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