Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gen 2: Chapter One

Young Adult

Hailey is Gay!? *So as a match-maker I am an epic fail! Forgive me, Yente.*
What a good lad Julio is. *Psst, Rafe! Your technophobe is showing!*

Julio continues to fill the house with ... random animals.
 He is breezing through High School on the honor roll.

More animals.
Maya and Julio are inseparable. *Does anyone else hear wedding bells?*

Finally, prom rolls around. But Julio decides to walk instead of taking a limo. *Maybe his Dad's influence?*


Rafe decides to take one last trip with Julio before he becomes a man of his own.

Being the scholar type, he takes up a class of martial arts.

Rafe goes on the lookout for a different perspective on life. *He is only a few days away from being an elder!*

Due to his special abilities, Julio soon becomes a black belt.
He takes to sparing with anyone in reach. *Including hefty older women!*

He eventually finds Zen and is at peace with himself.
Rafe finds ... a good time? *shrugs* Men are like that.

After returning home, Rafe throws an impromptu birthday party for Julio.

Somehow, Hailey and Maria found out and showed up. I actually think I might like Maria...

One last kiss before Julio ages up!

Maya is happy about the aging results. *Um, are you going to a Disco?*
After party cake and convo.
Second Generation Cheer!

Rafe gave Julio a book worth $900 should he ever find himself in need of money.

*A quick note: He is always in need of money cuz every time they get any, I blow it!*

*sniffle* Rafe is feeling the blues of having his little boy grow up. He can't stay in that tiny room anymore.
Plans for expansion are under way!
And an unexpected call comes in the middle of the night...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Transition To Generation Two

 Home life seemed pretty easy around the house for Rafe.

He noticed Julio's affinity for all animals.

They spent time together whenever Rafe could get away from his gardening responsibilities.

*Stupid Cat! I dislike cats, btw...*

Rafe wasn't a complete homebody ...

... but his visits to Imogen's bedroom were infrequent after a certain incident. *That is Imogen's daughter!*

 Julio asked Rafe if he could keep the bird he had found:  an ugly crow named Quoth! Rafe agreed.

Laundry is an everyday thing now for these guys.

 Julio is always eager to provide a home to those less fortunate. Here he is feeding his pet turtle, Leo.

Putting Quoth back into his cage after a little fun.

This is the wild horse Julio had met two nights ago. *I am heart broken that he can't adopt them until he is level 8 riding!* 

 He has such a soft heart.

 Julio made sure to do his part around the house.

Men doing housework. *That is totally hot!*

 This little baby cost $900 but worth not having to refill those cheapo bowls.

Especially with Julio adopting that elderly stray dog he named Ghost.

But Julio isn't a total loner. He has a BF named Ahmed that he hangs with.

TEENAGE YEARS ARE HERE! *Naughty Cesar peed on the floor*

Julio finally convinces Rafe to let him adopt an horse. Meet Knight.

Maria Montoya as a child. *very unfortunate child* Oddly enough, Hailey hasn't hooked up with anyone else but she is excelling in her career.

Temporary horse set-up.

Julio saw his mom at a party he crashed. Julio has a half-brother named, Rashad. Gracie is currently on her second boyfriend after Rashad's father. Last update was that he and Gracie were getting "hot and heavy"!

 Julio is friends with Maya something or other. *She has a pretty messed up family tree but I will post it on my thread at Simpure*

 Julio took that friendship to the next level and asked her to prom. *I gave Maya a makeover by changing her hair and adding make-up. I did not modify genetics!*

At 5am, a beautiful male deer passed by the house. Julio just had to pet it.

Which earned him a ride in the police car.

While being grounded, he picked up the Dulcinea Guitar and immediately reached level 8! 

Right after getting off grounding, he went back to Maya's house. Where her dad's creepy ex-girlfriend *that still lives with her dad who is dating someone new* insisted on watching over them, very closely.

Despite all that, Julio experienced his first kiss!

That kiss put him in such a great mood even while he did his chores! 

Darn coon keeps knocking over the trash can!

Julio entered his first beginner racing competition and got 3rd with a $200 prize. He is now level 10 at riding! I do hope that wild horse comes back...