Monday, April 9, 2012

Gen 3: Chapter Three

 With Young Master away, I spent a lot of time away from the sleeping place. I followed every scent that took my fancy!

 Sometimes I found interesting things, like skins of slithering things. Another time, I found a cold ugly rock called a Soulpeace. Old Master was very pleased.
 One night, as I chased my favorite blue rolling thing, I felt tingling in my body and suddenly appeared where it smells like cows.

 The Watcher was showing me my future mate. A small pup due to age in two days. The people called her ... Pennie.

I only had one more day to find some trace of Kya. My thoughts were everywhere wondering if she even remembered me or if I had been used for her rebellion.

I found a couple of Noonan's in the phone book and went door to door seeing any of them were Kya.
While most were sharp in their replies, some were more ... enthusiastic. One woman even asked me to please oil her up as she was about to leave for a photo shoot. The longer I stayed in Bridgeport, the less I wanted to go back to boring old Riverview!
I was cleaning up the last of my dishes before checking out and heading to the airport when I heard a knock at the door.

The way she greeted me assured me that she had been thinking about me as well.
Miguel: Kya, I have been searching for you! I never stopped thinking about you since that long ago time when we were kids.
Kya: Miguel, so sweet. Kirby told me how "diligently" you had been searching for me.
My face went up in flames as I realized my one night stand was the one who actually made this meeting possible. 
Kya: But never mind tiny details. Lets talk and catch up.
I felt my heart drop. I had to leave now or I would miss my flight and I didn't have the money to change it.
Kya: This is sad. But you will come back, Yes?
Miguel: I am scraping by right now and really I am ...
Could I really tell her that I was seeing someone else and planning on marrying her? After just finding her again?
Miguel: ... I am in a crunch right now. Lets just switch numbers and find each other on Facebook. You are too important to me to lose again. 

I came home a little rough around the edges but life continued. Dad was as out of touch as ever with life in general.
But Max is excelling at hunting, right now he is level 9.  have also taken to teaching him a few tricks.
Bella is pursuing her dream job in the military. I try and be supportive but I find her to be a total bore. She is very old fashioned, if you catch my drift.
But I do find satisfaction in my work. Banishing ghosts has become like second nature. 
I even earned enough from donating the spirits to science to buy my first hunk of junk to drive. I call her Old Betsy.
It helps that I eat free for free when I am working. Most people don't care if I pilfer their fridge after capturing their ghosties. 

But they probably are not happy with my five finger discount! But a man has to make a living, ya know.
 I call Kya at least once every few days. It always goes to voicemail. She's a singer and has to keep her cell on silence when she is working. Once I heard a kid in the background. She said she does Sing-O-Grams for kids sometimes, which is kinda sweet.
Pennie is now an adult. Max seems smitten, the idiot dog. But I went ahead and adopted Pennie to the family. 
It won't be long now before Max has Pennie knocked up. Then I guess it'll be my turn to produce some heirs.
Bella is OK to hang with. She always seems to kick my ass in Foosball and can carry on an intelligent conversation. My only real complaint is that she never lets me get past second base. 
But I get my kicks from stealing. Like that time I stole old man McGlum's lemon!

Or when I stole that huge statue from in front of City Hall right after receiving that medal from the Mayor.

 I also had my new computer. I kept in contact with Kya as well as bookmarked a few sites that helped keep the "blues" away.
Things were comfortable for me. I had Kya and Max. My family knew I was going to eventually marry Bella and continue the Montoya name, so they left me alone. And I was making a name for myself in the paranormal industry.
So when Bella showed up, bursting with news about a promotion,  I thought it would be a great time to put on a little pressure.
We headed to my room for the usual second base groping.

She let me go further. I started thinking that I could turn this into a home run... until my phone rang. It was Kya's ringtone!

How awkward to answer the phone then motion your girlfriend, your WILLING girlfriend, out of the room. She headed home without another word. I hope I didn't just screw myself over.
Kya was coming to Riverview in the morning! Her manager had gotten her a gig in Appaloosa Plains and since her layover would put her in Riverview for one night, she wanted to stay here. What was I to do?
I piddled with my new ghost scanner while I contemplated my dilemma. If I got caught with Kya, then Bella and I were through. If I tell Kya about Bella, then she may very well stop talking to me as well. But what if...
... Kya and I enjoyed our reunion away from prying eyes? I stroked the expecting Pennie as the idea formed in my head.  I wanted Kya but needed Bella.

 I was as cool as a cucumber when Kya showed up on my lawn the next afternoon.