Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gen 3: Chapter Two

My life really began at graduation.
Although not best buds, My father and I were at least on speaking terms by then.
 I headed off to the only bar in town for some awesome nachos to celebrate.

Little did I know that my Dad was braving the boiling sun for my graduation gift.
MAX! Dakota's other male pup. Cesar's legacy can now continue. I hope that by me embracing my legacy honors, and making sure Max has pups of his own as well, I can bring good karma from the Watcher.
A quick appointment at the stylist had me looking good. So I swung by the science department to pick up my ghost hunting tools. I ran into Bella outside the grocer.
I knew she had been dating Jasen after I left her hanging. I asked if she would be interested in giving me a second chance. The way she eagerly said "yes" made me think Jasen was merely a fill-in, the sap.
Don Lothario was my first paranormal case. By the end of the night, I had captured 5 spirits. He thanked me and headed back upstairs.
I took the liberty of "lifting" a few things for myself.
But the long day and even longer night had caught up to me. By six am, I was in bed - fast asleep.
That afternoon, my party side jumped in full force, urging me to throw a huge shin-dig.

Although mostly family, I thought it appropriate to ask Bella to go steady while in their company. I want to make a good show that I am going along with this legacy idea.

 Things got a little awkward with Mom when I jokingly asked who she was doing nowadays ...


Sofia has declared Morty her nemesis. But strangely enough, she is still civil to Mom. Sofia also dropped the bomb that she is now engaged to Dimitri, the son of Yuri.
 Mimi showed up too. Man, I had missed the fun I had annoying her! But she is an old married lady now. She and Kent Lin, the son of Buck Broke and Roxie Lin, made it official just after High School. Mimi hates children so I don't foresee a new bundle of joy any time soon.

My Aunt Maria was there too. Things got weird when she broke down crying in front of me.Apparently, she has gotten pregnant (again!) by Hal Breckenridge, her on again/off again lover. And with Kimberly already a teen!
 Max did a fabulous job of protecting our male domain from a stray cat. *I hate cats!*

But when Dad heard about my plans to fly out to Bridgeport in the morning, he got pissed! He went on and on about Bella's trust and having morals. I didn't care. 

I had already sold almost all the furniture in the spare room to pay for the ticket. I was going.
This time around, I stayed in a small cabin. I hoped to spend very little time in it.
My first stop was the city library. I searched databases and Googled all the info I could remember about Kya. I came up empty.
Hoping to have better luck, I headed to City Hall and searched through public records.

I met this real nice girl who showed me around. When she asked if I wanted to head out for drinks, I couldn't very well say no, now could I?

The bouncer was riding me hard and Kirby, the girl from City Hall, said to look her up if I wanted to have some real fun.

I came here searching for Kya. I felt I needed the closure seeing her again would bring. But whatever the bartender put in my drink made all those noble thoughts disappear.

I found my way to Kirby's shared flat ...

... and took what was freely offered!

As I washed up back at my cabin, I wondered if Kya has been as free with herself as Kirby was. I started to wonder if I had been the only one with romantic notions in my head...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gen 3: Chapter One

 My Dad seemed so pathetic as he tried to beg my mom to stay. In the end, she got her divorce. I can't say I was too upset, she always blamed me for the everything anyway.

I could see Dad was bad off so I manipulated him into getting a $40,000 loan so we could have some needed "change". Really, I was tired of living in that dump he and my grandpa had put together.
Dad spent most of his time sculpting in the attic of the new house. With the new loan, it was back to just scraping by. 
 Dad and I ignored each other. I hated him! Kya's guardian had moved and I had no way of getting in touch with her. It ate at my soul to be denied the one thing I really wanted. I did spend my free time hanging out with Bobby, though.

 In between school, Art Club, and scouring for rocks or metal to keep us from losing everything.
I started to think about MY future and what I wanted to do with my life. 
Then one sad day the Social Worker showed up. She totally freaked out and started yelling at my Dad.
The gist was that the state felt like we were neglecting Bobby. Yet again, one of the few things in my life that make me happy is being yanked away. I blamed my Father.
And to continue my poor excuse for a life story, Grim decides to show up. Dakota's death was hard for me too. Now it was me and the old man ... basically I was on my own.

This is why I found myself celebrating my passage into adulthood all alone. I started to think my life was doomed to melancholy.
 Mom was living on her own now. George had left her for a younger woman.
Sofia finally broke things off with Morty when he refused to commit to the relationship.
 And Mimi, now an adult like myself, is already engaged to an ugly guy named Kent.
My Dad disappears for midnight walks. He spins ridiculous tales of a magical, horned horse. I fear for his sanity most days. 
As for me, I am leaving behind the bonds that vampire-ism has put on me. I have decided to embrace this legacy just as my father always wanted.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gen 2: Chapter Ten

First things first, Sofia is of age to move out. *ignore Bobby's affliction in this picture*

 Julio has finalized travel arrangements and he heads off with Miguel in tow. 

  News has spread of Shing's marriage to Jon Lesson.

Mimi got tired of Miguel's crap and went off to live with her sister.

Maya didn't seem to notice since she was spending all her free time with George. 

The hotel wasn't much but Julio wasn't planning on staying long. He decided to nap until it was night and he could venture out.

 Miguel took that opportunity to slip out and experience the big city on his own.

 Back at home things were getting serious.

So serious that Maya and George had started to make plans.

 Back in Bridgeport, Miguel was stopped in his tracks by the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen.

 He followed her until she stopped to sit at an old picnic table near a construction site.

 He introduced himself to Kya Noonan and felt like a missing piece of his life had fell into place.

 Julio woke up to find the room empty. Figuring Miguel got bored and went exploring close by, he decided to change and seek out the cure.

Kya brought Miguel to this awesome vamp hangout. Trying to impress her, he ordered some drinks from the bar.

*That's impressive*

After securing the small bottle the old lady had given him, Julio went to locate his son.

Miguel felt things were progressing rapidly with Kya. Their bodies swaying to the music, the bass thumping in his chest, and the smell of perfume and alcohol all blended to heighten his senses.

 He knew Kya felt it too and was sure they could find a secluded spot to ... Julio couldn't believe where he had found Miguel!

That Miguel would abuse his trust and go sneaking around the city with a PLAYER-MADE sim! Didn't he understand how much trouble that could get him into?

 So for the rest of their stay, he was grounded to the hotel room.

 Julio felt he had been too harsh so he stopped at the food truck to explain things to his dear son. How he was the third in line for the great Montoya legacy and only one player-made sim was allowed. And that was their founder and his grandfather, Rafe. Each of the heirs must now choose a pre-made sim to marry.

 Miguel felt crushed. But who would know if he didn't always follow the rules? He didn't believe in The Watcher, it was a false religion that parents used to scare kids into doing the right thing... right?

 The next morning, Julio hurried through the burning sun to the location the old woman had given him.

A safe haven for vampires in the city.

 He engaged the bartender in small talk. He soon learned there were people who had ways of telling the future and could also make small dolls that would give you the ability to control others. Julio lost track of time as he sat enthralled in the tales the bartender spun.

Miguel woke up to find a note and a small red bottle on the counter.  
Take this and keep it with you always. Stay in the room! Dad 

 This might be Miguel's last chance to see Kya, he was taking it!

She told him to wait until around 4pm, that was when her guardian, Roxette, left to walk their dog, Roxy.
Miguel felt nervous but eager.

 Things progressed quickly between them ...

 ... and perhaps a little too far.

The early return of Roxette found Miguel running for his life! He was brought up short by finding his father outside and furious.

Julio couldn't believe his son was thumbing his nose at The Watcher! If he weren't his only son, he would exclude him as heir.

 Miguel was just fine with that.

Upon his return, Julio was startled to see Maya still waiting up for them. He felt uneasy and tried to head for the stairs without giving her a chance to speak.

He knew the news she had to share wasn't going to be easy for him to take...