Monday, November 14, 2011

Chapter Eight


As the day wears on, Rafe wakes up and tells Hailey it's time to go home and start a new life together.
Hailey is decked out in her new makeover ... and feeling a bit queazy.
We have baby vomit!
Rafe is back to doing what he does best.
*What? You only brought $2500 bucks to the family. Do you have any idea how much walls cost in today's economy?!*
Hailey had to wait until dark to perform her wifely duties of cleaning up after the men.
Rafe now has the ability to sell his produce at a higher price thanks to "Suave Seller".
Rafe is rockin this Gardener career at level four and has a level eight Gardening skill. And he just earned his record high of $305 for his produce!
Time to celebrate...
... by finally getting little Dakota his own place to sleep.
Hailey forgot what she was doing. *Did I mention this chicka has the absent-minded trait?*
Oh yeah, she was doing the maternity spin. *I peaked at the baby's gender! But I'm not saying...*
Some hunter Cesar is, I had to force him to go growl at that dumb deer.
Rafe and Hailey kept getting woke up by Cesar staring at them by the side of the bed. Rafe is sleep-whining, I think.
I was so upset to see the damage that deer had caused. *cries* Three grape vines ready for harvest, useless now.

Rafe is complaining about Hailey's lack of house-keeping skills.

But she has news to share. She's preggers!

Her announcement is recieved well but reminds Rafe that he has neglected his duty to Julio. Even if he can't live with him, he needs to visit him, at least.

 Gracie is lookin good. Story Progression says she is now dating some old dude. *pfft*

 *Gasp* Can it be?! Gracie has a friend staying with her. Rafe greets Debbie.

 Her reporter-heart must capture a picture of Rafe with his son.

Rafe spends the last few hours of Julio's babyhood playing with him. *Wookie at wittle Who-Wee-Oh*

 Another surprise! Gracie bought a cake for Rafe's birthday. I think with the quickie marriage and pregnancy woes, Hailey must have forgotten.

What better way to celebrate getting older than with two hot blondes.

 Sparkle Dance!

 Gracie knows what Debbie is planning later. Rafe, the poor sap is clueless.

 Rafe noms his cake quickly so he can celebrate Julio's birthday before having to leave.

And he's a cutie as always. But he seems to have his mother's malady.

 Rafe begins teaching Julio his first words.

 All too soon his time with his son is up.

 After a brief tug-o-war over the child, Rafe finally manages to tuck him into his crib.

He turns around and runs straight into a  pair of big, doe-eyes.

 Why refuse what is freely given?

After the deed is done, Debbie confesses that she knew he was married and that she is too. But she was leaving to go home anyway and just wanted the experience. *check out why here*

 Rafe assures Debbie that is he ever moves to Riverview, he'll look her up.

 Then he slinks home, to sleep with his wife. *scandalized*

Chapter Seven

Getting Hitched

 Dakota was excited to make a new friend.

 This place is becoming a regular haunt for strays!

Several fun things to note: both Cesar and Rafe have green stink clouds, the ice cream trucks hangs around taunting Rafe's empty belly, and ... hey look, we have apples! Rafe just earned 20,000 happy point thingies and now has the super green thumb. *cheers*

After a little grooming ...

Rafe invites Hailey over.

Rafe is prepared to go on one knee. *GIDDY JOY*

Hailey jets out of there when she realizes this is all Rafe has to offer her. *crushing sorrow*

 *sniffle* No way, no how! I personally chose her as Rafe's spouse! So he WILL have her! *blows nose on tissue*

 Huh, she is acting like everything is fine and she didn't just turn her nose up at Rafe's hard-earned land.

Well, all seems to be forgiven so now is the time to strike.

And with a face like that, who would refuse him?

Hailey seems so surprised. But I guess after only one real date it is a bit of a surprise.

Goofy marriage poses and creepy paparazzi in the window.

I think I might cry tears of joy now. *sniffle*

And that makes it official! Rafe has a wife.

 Check it out! Hailey has a car. Sweet!

The newly weds deserve some time to themselves. So I have sent them to the "Cherry Blossom Lodge" by vcosley for a short honeymoon. Their stay is on me. *It's free anyway*  

 The top floor is the Honeymoon Suite complete with kitchenette.

 First on the agenda is feeding the starving man ... cold soup, while his bride slurps something questionable.

 What's next on the agenda?

 Like you had to ask. It starts here and ends in the ...

 ... bathroom? With some strange woman watching?! *KINKY*

 OMG, she is not.... I mean that is ....

 *LMAO* That is a new one for me. Never had the paparazzi take pics of my Sims in the shower before.

 At least she shows some modesty and turns when Rafe steps out completely naked.

 But, damn, if he don't look right proud of himself. After she left, it took two more tries before the coveted jingle could be heard.

They fell exhausted into bed around 5 am. I used the time they spent sleeping to build...

... THIS! *Ta Da* OK, it's not much but I'm not much of a builder anyway.

Unfortunately, I couldn't afford a crib or walls for a room for Julio so it seems he gets to stay with his mother a while longer.