Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gen 2: Chapter Eight

Time Marches On

Despite the tiff between Julio and Maya, life continues as usual. Sofia and Morty are now an official couple!

Rafe, don't die on the crapper! How cliche. *Look at the way he stares right at me! EEP!*

Looks like Grimmie has to wait in line for the bathroom, like everyone else.

Julio is taking his Father's death very hard.

Maya tries to reach out to Julio while he is hurting.

He lets some of his emotions out ...

... but quickly pulls back in and retreats to his sanctuary. To be alone.

Meeting The Reaper at such a young age has affected Miguel greatly. He will find his life much altered after this experience. How much won't be seen until later in life.... *plays doom and gloom music*

Mimi, the grandchild closest to Rafe, is torn up inside. She spends that night sleeping in her Grandfather's bed, savoring the lingering smell of him and remembering the good times they shared.

Maya copes in her own way. Rafe was so good to her and helped so much with the twins when Julio couldn't be there. *Watch out, Maya, you are getting the death stare from the Julio-obsessed paparazzi!* 

After time spent sleeping and meditating, Julio calls his siblings and tells them the news.

After a quick nourishing nip from his wife, Julio prepares the Legacy graveyard for Rafe's body.

Shing came and went so fast I missed getting his picture. He went back to his rich lover, Jon Lesson.

Maria showed up late claiming she was dying of thirst. Julio left the site of Rafe's grave to follow Maria inside while she got some of the plasma he keeps in the fridge.

Fate intervened on this sad time to bring in some joy. The twins are aging up!

Miguel is questioning his life as a vamp. Now that he is a teen, he is able to make the choice of whether to embrace his vamp side or turn to his human self.

Mandi is on the spot, writing down every little thing the Montoya's do!

Mimi has aged into an almost perfect image of her mother.

Miguel talks tings over with Rafe's ghost. He decides he wants to be free of his vampire restrictions. Now to tell his dad.

Julio goes back to sculpting to keep his mind from focusing on the fact that Maya will soon be aging up and following in his father's path.

A fight has broken out downstairs!

Miguel is forever mean to Mimi.

I don't think he liked her new makeover.

Maya is there to reprimand Miguel. His hatred for Mimi always getting him into trouble is festering.

Julio completes this brilliant sculpture and sells it. They way these things are selling, his family will never have to worry about money again!

High School is hard. Mimi is getting snubbed by Miguel's friend, Bella.

Miguel is amused by this but repulsed by the idea of dating Bella. But his Legacy Writer insists! 

Sofia and Morty are chumming along at a nice pace for marriage in the future.

Miguel steps up to bat and gives Bella her first kiss. She would not have been his first choice (or even his 10th) but he is doing what he has to for this legacy to continue. 

Julio is disgusted by the bland taste of plasma from a bottle.

He heads out to the garden, Maya's favorite place to be, and takes a shot of the real thing.

Miguel confesses that he wants to give up his vamp form.

He is surprised that Julio isn't mad. They make plans to travel to Bridgeport to purchase a cure for Miguel's vamp genes. 

Julio has started to rekindle the love with his wife as she approaches her Adult-hood.

Mimi is disgusted to HEAR that rekindling from outside the bathroom door.