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Welcome to the family, lol, the Montoya Family, that is.

If you are just joining them, you have missed a lot! I do recommend reading through the previous generations. But for those that want to jump into the current generation, I have provided a short synopsis at the bottom of this page to catch you up quickly. I also suggest you view the family tree. It is extensive but will help you figure out who some of the family members are in the story.

I hope you enjoy reading my labor of love and feel free to comment or ask questions. Have a great day!

Generation 1: Rafe
 I think it is important to read the prologue to understand Rafe. He lived in Appaloosa Plains and mainly focused on gardening. He hated technology but really loved his dog, Cesar. He messed around with the town's only "working girl", Gracie, and got her knocked up but couldn't offer her marriage as she was too rich. The Watcher chose another mate for him named Hailey. After his son, Julio, was born through Gracie, he married Hailey. She produced a daughter named Maria which Rafe refused to acknowledge and she promptly divorced him. He then claimed his son from Gracie and raised him on his own. Julio retained his vamp trait from his mother into High School. Rafe chose to take Julio on a senior trip to China where Rafe had a fling with a random woman. Julio is named Heir. Cesar has pup named Dakota.

Generation 2: Julio
 Julio maxed several skills before becoming a young adult but decided to pursue the career of sculpting. Having fallen in love during High School, he remained faithful while waiting for his intended to age up. Rafe leaves Julio to travel back to China to retrieve his second son, Shing. (CTD Error occurs) Rafe, Julio, Shing, Maria, and Maya(now a YA) move to Riverview. Julio and Maya marry, Maria and Shing move off, and Rafe maxes his gardening skill(?). Julio and Maya have three children: a daughter, Sofia, and a set of fraternal twins, Miguel and Mimi. Rafe dies and leaves Julio in depression while his son ages into a teen and decides to reject the vamp trait given to him through his father. Julio takes Miguel to Bridgeport to acquire the vamp cure during which time Miguel sneaks away and loses his virginity to a beauty in a vamp bar. Maya suffers a midlife crisis and proceeds to cheat on Julio with George Dean and eventually divorces him. Their daughters move out together. Dakota has two pups: Bobby and Max. Miguel is named heir as well as Bobby.

Generation 3: Miguel
 Miguel spends the first days of young adult-hood, obsessed with his Bridgeport Beauty, Kya. He does find her and settles into life. He follows The Watcher's demands and starts to court Bella as a future bride and joins the Paranormal career. Bobby gets taken by social workers but Julio is able to locate Max and bring him back into the legacy. Miguel selfishly tries to follow the rules while getting what he wants. He learns Kya has manipulated him and is trying to force the son they created when he was a teen to be his heir. He rushes into marriage with Bella and begins to try for a new heir. Through troubles and rough patches, Miguel figures out that he loves Bella. Despite this, he continues to cheat on her. During this time, Dameon (Kya's son) comes to live with them since Kya has disappeared and Maya and Julio reconcile. After Bella is able to finally carry a baby to term, it is a girl named Rachel. She finds proof of his secrets and kills herself in a fire while Miguel helplessly stands outside the blocked door. Unable to stand the thought of Dameon having to be his heir and it hurting too much to look at his daughter, Miguel walks out on the legacy. Max has a pup named Rascal and Dameon is named Heir.
Generation 4: Dameon
 Dameon moves to Starlight Shores with his little sister, Rachel, and his High School sweetheart, Charissa Wilson and gets  a job as a magician. He eventually pops to question to Rissa and, after some initial turmoil, she agrees. Her parents and Julio (Dameon's Grandfather) move into town for the wedding. Shirley, Rissa's mother, is relentless in trying to separate her daughter from Dameon. Despite everything, they marry and leave for a short honeymoon. Upon returning, Dameon is met with his father, Miguel, who has aged prematurely due to his exposure from his job. They all move to a bigger home, where things stay tense for all involved. They adopt a shelter pet named Angel to mate with Rascal and she produces three pups, one male named Weber. Miguel gets close to Rachel but dies suddenly while Dameon is on tour. Charissa gives birth to twin boys, Gabe and Juan, and later another set of twin girls, Selene and Aria. Rachel starts a relationship with an older man (Seth Monroe), gets knocked up and moves in with her Uncle, Micheal Bachelor. The boys grow up and Gabe is named as Heir with his dog Weber.

Generation 5: Gabriel (Gabe)
 Gabe moves the whole family to Lucky Palms. He and his twin brother, Juan, move into a house by the water. Gabe becomes a firefighter, Juan a police officer. Both fall for a girl named Kori, but Gabe steps aside and lets Juan have her. Kori's past comes back to haunt her and Gabe steps in to rescue her. This leads to a tryst which is soon discovered by Juan. Dameon hears of Gabe's cheating and places Juan as heir. Kori comes to Gabe with the news she's pregnant, they agree to move in together just for the baby's sake. Rissa dies. Juan cries on the shoulder of his partner and long time friend, Shavonne. They hook up and eventually live a life together and having only one girl child named Shameka. Kori gives birth to Javier. Kori's guardian Matt Hamming, moves to Lucky Palms and officially adopts her. Gabe pushes past old hurts and asks Kori to marry him. She does and they go on a honeymoon in Moonlight Falls where their second son, Lucien is conceived. Dameon and Matt both pass of old age. Julio comes to live with Gabe and his family when Juan tells Gabe that Shavonne can't have more kids and grants him back Heir-ship. Weber mates with a stray and produces only one male pup, Dexter. The boys grow up uneventfully with their mother and father and Great-Great-Grandfather. Gabe chooses Lucien, and his dog Dexter, as heir.  

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