Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gen 4: Chapter Ten

Rascal and Angel have taken over the sitting area in the den. I find I don't mind it as much as I used to. It's a scary thing, this aging process. Before long they will both be elders .... and Rissa and I are next.

Dameon: Voila!
Steven: I never tire of that trick. It has become your trademark. I really am interested in booking you for our grand finale tomorrow. Do you think you can pull it off on such a short notice?
My adrenaline is pumping! It's like I am about to do my first show all over again. 
Dameon: Of course! I'll see you tomorrow night.

I am a household name here in Starlight Shores. I am on the verge of realizing my lifetime dream! But still I have that nagging sense of doom as I approach the end of this journey.
Stylist: Oh yes, this jacket says all the right things about you. I think it's fabulous!
I stare at my reflection, undecided.
Stylist: Oh, don't you worry about those wrinkles. They make you look distinguished.
While he continues pointing out my flaws and trying to make me buy this expensive jacket, I decide it's time for me to check in with my sister.

Dameon: I'm glad you two are doing well. But ... are you sure THIS is where you want to live. Has Seth even gotten a job?
Rachel: Don't so this, Dameon. I am happy and in love. Can't you see that? And yes, Seth DOES have a job. He's just been promoted to a lab tech.
Dameon: Rach, I love you and have looked after you since you were a babe. I only want what's best for you, you know that, right?
Rachel: Well then ... stop trying to separate me from my baby's father.
My mind was drawing a blank. Baby's father?
Dameon: You're pregnant?!
I watched as she lovingly patted her belly and smiled at me.


Dameon: So it has happened, Old Boy? Ah well, I won't be far behind you...
I pull Rascal to my chest.

He covers my face in kisses as if to say he appreciates my kindness. At least someone does, I think to myself. Even as I set Rascal down and go about getting ready for my final show, I find myself thinking about Rachel. Pregnant?! I wanted so much more for her...

Charissa: Good Luck, My Love. You will do great.
I embrace my faithful and loving wife of so many years. It seems like just yesterday we had left behind everything we knew to live our dreams here in Starlight Shores. And now it was happening! *click* I put up my hand to block the flash from the paparazzi.
Dameon: Let's hurry in, shall we?


My show was a success, and we now had a pretty good sized nest egg saved up. I began thinking about retiring. Rissa has been having these spells of depression lately, though. I found her crying her eyes out in the bathroom.

 Dameon: Honey, what's the matter?
Charissa: I don't know, I just don't feel like myself anymore. The girls need so much attention and the boys and getting to be a hand full and...
I pull her into me and just hold on tight.
Dameon: I haven't been around as much and I never realized how hard that is on you. But that's going to change soon. Things will get better.
She slowly nods and sighs, placing her head against my shoulder.
Dameon: I know, let's go out? I'll call a sitter and we'll just drop everything and go. Would you like that?
Sniffling, she looks up at me with those tear-drenched eyes.
Charissa: Yes, yes I would.
Dameon: Now just TRY to relax. We're here to have fun.

I decided to be adventurous and try some sushi. It wasn't half bad but Rissa was having none of it. She actually laughed when I got a taste of the wasabi!

Then my phone rang ... ruining the evening for us both.

Dameon: Why didn't you just come back home? You know we would have the room!
Rachel: I am tired of being your responsibility! I wanted to do this on my own.

Dameon: You are eight months pregnant, Rach! I understand needing to stand on your own two feet but right now you need to think about the baby. Just ... stay with your Uncle for now, OK? We'll figure this all out later.
I turn and and stalk towards the door.
Rachel: Where are you going?
Dameon: I have something to do.

The Twin Girls' Bday!

It is here that I must end my tale. All my children grow up and Rissa and I grow old. Life is a cycle, never ending. This is the close of mine and the opening of Gabe's .....  

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